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The Admin Cove’s 10 Ways To Successfully Leave Your 9-5 Job…

Came across Dr Shelly’s article on leaving a 9-5 job while working the 9-6 job (even worse) that I’m considering leaving. Great article and I wish more people can benefit from it x

Success Strategies

Start doing what is necessary. Then do what’s possible. Then suddenly you’re doing the impossible. ~St. Francis of Assisi

Many are the dreams of entrepreneurs. Those new who are brave enough to start and those who are still dreaming keep the momentum going through 101+ Empowering Quotes For New Entrepreneurs. If you are among those who wish to make the move, the Admin Cove shared 10-ways to safely and Successfully leave your 9-5 Job. Here I share their tips:

1]. Start with a goal and make a decision. This can be a goal of when you want your last day to be or what you would like to do. Written goals are more likely to be accomplished than non-written goals.

2]. Redesign your life. Begin to become conscious of your budget, your spending habits, and put together a plan of where you can cut corners in the meantime.

3]. Pick…

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Hi, I'm Barney, a dinosaur missing her career at sea. I scribble things about love, (sea) life, travel and other random stuff while working at a 9 to 6 job I hate.

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